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Leaking Flat Roof?

It is never nice to notice your property is suffering from a leaking flat roof. However, it is imperative that you act fast. The reason for this is to prevent more serious problems developing. And of course, to minimise the cost of fixing any problems with your flat roof.

Steps to Take When You Have a Leaking Flat Roof

• The first thing you should do when you notice your flat roof is suffering from a leak is to find a bucket to catch the water coming though.

• In cases where your flat roof is leaking at an extreme rate it is advisable to get a second bucket so you can immediately replace the first bucket when it fills up (if the dripping noise of the leak hitting the bucket becomes annoying you can place a piece of plywood inside the bucket to eliminate this).

• Once you have put your buckets in place to catch the falling water from your flat roof your next step will be to dry any water which has leaked on to the floor. You can do this by using a mop or old towels.

• Now you have temporarily controlled the leak you should contact a roofing contractor to assess the cause of the leak. And then to repair the cause of your leaking flat roof. If you believe your home insurance covers you in the event of a leaking flat roof you should just get your roofing contractor to provide you with an estimate of the cost for the flat roof repair work to stop the leak and of any water damage caused by the leak. We provide assistance to those with leaking flat roofs across London, Essex and all of the South East of England. We offer FREE assistance to all those within 10 miles of our headquarters in Brentwood, Essex. We can be contacted on 01277 375 511 or by clicking here.

How to Locate a Leak in A Flat Roof?

Locating the source of a leaking flat roof can be a very challenging process. Unlike pitched roofs there is no pronounced slope. This means we cannot take advantage of the principle of water travelling in a downward motion in accordance to the laws of gravity.

At RJ Evans, we make use of the latest thermal imaging technology to quickly identify the source of flat roof leaks. We even provide recorded roof inspections so you can see the whole process without having to take the risk of coming up on the roof with us.

It is important to remember the point at which you can see a damp patch or the water dripping or gushing into your property  is not necessary the point at which the leaking is originating from.

Locating a Leak without the Assistance of a Professional Roofing Company

Without the use of a professional roofing company one way in which you can attempt to locate the source of a leak is to look at your flat roof on a dry day. If you see a dirt-stained ring there is a high probability this is point at which your roof is leaking. This dirt-stained ring is likely to be a point where water has pooled and has found a means to escape through a hole in your flat roofing system.

Another common area for a roof to encounter leaking is around the perimeter where the flashing connects the roof to the brickwork. Over time the mortar used to attach the flashing to the brickwork can deteriorate and result in the flashing pulling away from the brickwork. The flashing can also pull away from the flat roofing system.

Flashing problems can be encountered at any place on your flat roof where flashing is present. This includes soil vent pipes, roof edges, skylights and air conditioning units.

Some roofing systems contain seams. These seams are potential areas where leaks can occur, for example where sheets of felt overlap holes can be an indication of a leak. One of the advantages of mastic asphalt and liquid roofing systems is they are 100% seamless. This means there is no chance of this type of problem occurring as there are no seams. Also, both of these systems are ideal for complex detailing around soil vent pipes and skylights reducing the probability of water ingress. Another benefit of mastic asphalt systems is that asphalt roof repairs are very easy and inexpensive to carry out.

You can also look for areas on your roof where there are cracks, splits or bumps. These areas are likely to contain small holes or cracks which can lead to water ingress. Different flat roofing systems are known for different issues, for example GRP roofing systems are notorious for both pinholes and alligatoring.

Once you have examined your roof and identified the point which you believe is the cause of your leaking flat roof. You should take a hose up to the roof and spray the area before returning inside your property to the point where the problem is manifesting. What you are waiting for is for water to trickle through this point.

It is important to be patient here as it can take a few minutes for the water to work its way down from the point causing the leak to the point where the problem is evident.

This process is repeated until the leaks origin is confirmed. This process can take a significant amount of time but has to be done in order to confirm the source of your leaking flat roof.

Remember There May Be More Than One Source of your Leaking Flat Roof

Just because you have found the source of one leak does not mean once this area of your roof is repaired your flat roof is completely leak free. Your flat roof may have multiple leaks.

It is possible for multiple leaks to all run to one point where the water is penetrating your property. It is strongly advised if you have located multiple potential problem areas to contact a roofing professional to assess your flat before they develop into more sinister problems.

If You Have a Leaking Flat Roof Do Not Delay Taking Action

If you are suffering from a leaking flat roof it is vital you act as fast as possible to prevent further damage. Even small leaks can lead to vast amounts of water damage. Leaks only get worse and will not repair themselves. The moment you notice a leak is the point in time which it will be at its cheapest to rectify. If you have a leak call us today on 01277 375 511.

And one of our friendly team will arrange for your leaking flat roof to be assessed as soon as possible.

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