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What Are The Disadvantages Of Asphalt?

The disadvantages of asphalt as a waterproofing material are as follows: it is labour intensive, often heavy in weight and produces a lot of smoke (although the smoke is non dangerous it can be irritating). These disadvantages have nothing to do with mastic asphalt's waterproofing properties which are fantastic. In fact, it is often referred to as 'The King of Waterproofing'.

Disadvantages Of Mastic Asphalt

The Application Of Asphalt Can Produce A Lot Of Smoke

Mastic asphalt requires a mixer to melt asphalt blocks and to agitate the molten asphalt. This involves extremely high temperatures in excess of 200° Celsius. Although an asphalt mixer does have a lid, which assists with the melting of mastic asphalt blocks. To keep the asphalt at an even temperature for laying these lids are often opened. This is to prevent the mastic asphalt becoming too hot. The consequence of the lid of an asphalt mixer being open is smoke. For some people this smoke, although not dangerous, can be annoying. This can be problematic if these people are neighbours or businesses in proximity to where the asphalt is being laid. Also with asphalt flooring, such as balconies or walkways smoke is produced. Although this disperses quickly, it is common for people to ask obvious questions such as if their a fire.

Mastic Asphalt Is A Relatively Heavy Membrane

1 tonne of mastic asphalt covers 20 square metres at a nominal thickness of 20mm. This 20mm thickness makes an asphalt membrane a lot thicker when compared to alternatives such as felt underlay and liquid membranes. These systems are 8mm and 3/4mm respectively.

The Installation Of Mastic Asphalt Can Be Labour Intensive

Using mastic asphalt for waterproofing often requires a large amount of labour. This is especially true when access to the site where it is applied is an issue. If there is good access the need for extra labour is lessened. The reason for needing a lot of labour in restricted areas is extra men will be needed to transport the molten asphalt to the site. You will have men, operating the asphalt mixer, transporting the asphalt to site and spreading the asphalt.

Would You Like To Learn More About The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Asphalt?

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