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The Causes Of Cut Edge Corrosion

Cut edge corrosion is often a problem for buildings with metal roofs. It can be expensive to repair and can reduce the expected lifespan of a roof if left untreated. Below we will have a look at main causes of cut edge corrosion and give advice on what can be done to prevent minimise the chances of it occurring.


The Most Common Causes Of Cut Edge Corrosion

The main reason for cut edge corrosion developing is because of exposure to various weather conditions and environmental factors. This includes; air containing salts (frequently a problem for industrial roofing near the coast), dirt, organic growth, contamination from surrounding areas and localised climatic conditions. These factors combined with the weather exposure lead to the protective coating slowly breaking down. Once this happens the metal cladding becomes vulnerable to corrosion.

Installation quality is another key reason for cut edge corrosion occurring. In the case of poor installation, the key word to be attached to cut edge corrosion occurring is prematurely. The reason this happens is because a poor install often creates a situation where moisture can get in between the metal cladding and the protective coating. As time passes this will cause the coating to peel away. The result is metal being left exposed to the elements and cut edge corrosion developing. This is nearly always premature and can result in a roof failing before its expected service life.

Like with any type of roofing, poor maintenance leads to industrial roofing suffering from the effects of cut edge corrosion. Again, this causes the service life of the roof to be reduced. This is simple to remedy, organise regular commercial roof surveys and get any necessary repairs carried out as soon as they are identified.

Other Causes Of Cut Edge Corrosion

Above we mentioned the most common reasons for cut edge corrosion developing. However, there are some other reasons which can contribute to cut edge corrosion initiating.

Chemical exposure can lead to cut edge corrosion at an accelerated rate. This is most often the case when industrial roofing is in an area which has a high level of pollution. The chemical exposure is normally caused by acid rain or industrial pollutants in the area.

A complex roof design which required multiple cuts to the metal cladding will be more susceptible to cut edge corrosion. This is for the obvious reason of more cut edges being present on this type of roof. Not only this, but complex roofing designs often have unusual angles which make them more difficult to maintain. Large flat areas on an industrial roof can also be prone to water pooling, this can lead to the premature breakdown of the protective coating in this area. This will obviously increase the probability of corrosion occurring to the metal cladding.

Dealing With Cut Edge Corrosion

When you notice the protective coating of any metal cladding deteriorating. The best thing you can do is to take fast action and apply a cut edge corrosion treatment. The best type of treatment to apply is a high quality protective liquid coating. Such as coating will encapsulate the metal cladding. This will protect the metal from the elements, extend the roofs service life and give an aesthetically pleasing finish.

A PU liquid is the best type of protective coating to apply. It should be BBA approved and BroofT4 rated. For best results, you want to use a fast curing thixotropic liquid coating which does not slump and is easily applied in a single coat. Such a system should allow the roof to at least complete its expected life span of 20 years. Often this can be as much as 25 years.

Overall, any roof which shows the signs of cut edge corrosion, has a serious issue. Even though this may seem a minor problem in the initial stages, left untreated a big issues will develop taking years off the roofs lifespan. And costing significant money in industrial roof repair work or even worse roof replacement. In most cases, cut edge corrosion is caused by exposure to the elements, poor installation and lack of maintenance. 90% of problems relating to cut edge corrosion can be eradicated by ensuring installation by a reputable contractor, scheduling regular maintenance and applying a protective coating as soon as the signs of cut edge corrosion arise.

Get In Touch About A Cut Edge Corrosion Issue

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