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Roof Repair Paint

Roof repair paint is designed to fix a range of faults in roofing systems quickly and cheaply. In most cases leaking flat roofs or roofs with damage, only require a small repair in one area for the roof to return to being fully waterproof. The idea behind using repair paint is it can be easily applied to remedy the problem areas of a roof. The savings made when the price of a tin of repair paint is compared to the expensive costs of repairing a large area of your roof or having a full roof replacement are considerable.

In A Rush? Here Is Our Top Roof Repair Paint

Roof repair paint can be applied using one or two coats to create an encapsulation of the defective area. Once applied a good quality repair paint will create a permanent repair. Premium repair paints are also used as the waterproofing membrane on liquid roofing systems. This means once cured an area which has a waterproof coating of a premium repair paint will provide the same protection as if it was a new liquid roofing system.

Using Repair Paint For Flat Roof Repair

Flat roofs often place great demands on their coatings. This is due the ponding of water on the surface, thermal movement from changes in temperature throughout the year and UV degradation. Due to these constant demands, it is vital a flat roof is properly maintained with the appropriate repair work carried out when required. In most cases a waterproof roof paint is the perfect way to fix a range of minor defects.

Applying Liquid Repair Paint To Flat Roofing

When carrying out a liquid flat roof repair it is best to purchase a premium waterproof coating. Although repair paint can be applied to a range of roofing defects, the most common problems to repair will be; cracked, worn or leaking roofs. We recommend Mariseal 250 for all of these repairs. It is a pure elastomeric hydrophobic polyurethane which is self-terminating. This means specific areas of a roof can be isolated and repaired.

When carrying out a repair with a waterproofing paint, the first step is to clear the area of any debris then to thoroughly clean it. This can be done using a small brush to sweep the area clean. Then using a pressure washer to make the surface clean. Once the surface is clean you should dry the area. If there are any cracks they should be filled with a PU30 sealant. Next the area should be primed (although not always necessary it is good practice to apply primer before using repair paint regardless of the substrate or coating).

Next, using a brush apply the repair paint over the defective area. If extra reinforcement is requited reinforcement fabric can be laid over the defective area. This reinforcement fabric should be made from chopped strand matting. This reinforcement fabric should be laid onto of the wet repair paint and thoroughly soaked in it. Once this has been done another coat of repair paint can be applied over the fabric to complete the repair.

The repair paint cures through reaction with ground and air moisture. After 12 hours the paint should be fully cured. In the roofing industry this type of repair is known as a patch repair. The main benefit of using this paint is the rest of the roof can be used whilst the repair area is curing. Also the cost is far lower than having to remove a large area of the roof to carry out the repair. This amounts to considerable savings on labour and roofing materials. An example would be lifting up a segment of a felt roof and reapplying a new roll of felt for a small crack. With repair paint you can just coat the defective area. Once the repair paint is cured the roof is fully waterproof and the defective area should remain problem free for many years.

Preparing Different Roofing Surfaces For The Application Of Liquid Repair Paint

As mentioned above in the explanation of applying repair paint to defective flat roofing. The first stage of any repair is to clean the area of any debris. And then to clean it of any dirt, this is normally done with a pressure washer. The next stage is to fill any cracks with the appropriate sealant.

The next stage is to prime the area. This is where there are some slight differences in preparation depending on the roof coating. For roof coatings such as TPO and rubber EPDM roofing membranes it is best to use a TPO primer to allow for better adhesion. For most other roof coatings Mariseal Aqua Primer would be the best primer to use (this includes asphalt, metal, rubber, GRP/fibreglass and felt roofs).

Other situations where the preparation for the roof repair would be different would be around roof details and areas around the edges of the roof (including gutters). The difference in the preparation here would be to use a specialist paint which contains fibres to give extra reinforcement. This specialist paint can be used for just the first coat with a general paint for the second coat. Or the specialist roof paint can be used for both coats. The reason a specialist paint with extra fibres is used is to provide extra reinforcement. The repair paint we recommend for such situations is Mariseal Detail.

Is A Waterproofing Paint Suitable For Roof Tiles

Unlike for a defective flat roof, in nearly every case roof tiles which are defective are better off being replaced. There are some acrylic paints for tiles on the market for tiles in good working order. These paints are very effective at reducing the porosity of the tiles. This lowers the risk of both cracking and the tile coming loose. However, once a tile is defective the most economical solution is to contact a roofing professional.

Need Any Further Information Regarding Repair Paint For Your Roof?

If you would like any further information about waterproof repair paint for your roof please contact us or call us now on 01277 375 511. We can provide you with a tin of repair paint so you can carry out the repair work yourself, or we can do everything for you. Get in touch and one of our friendly team of waterproofing specialists will be delighted to help.

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