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Mariseal Detail

Maris Detail liquid is a one component polyurethane membrane. This liquid applied system is ideal for complex roofing details. This includes upstand areas, soil vent pipes, and skylights. Maris Detail is cold applied and is supplied as a one component polyurethane membrane designed for long-lasting waterproofing. It cures by reaction with ground and air moisture. 

Maris is applied in liquid form and due to being thixotropic permanent elastic fiber reinforced, it is resistant to slumping retains its original shape when a direct load is removed from it.

Maris Detail is simply applied by brush or roller forming a seamless membrane without joints. It is by design fully resistant to water and maintains its mechanical properties over a temperature span of -30°C to +80°C. Maris Detail is frost resistant and is water permeable.

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Mariseal Detail Is A Perfect Liquid Applied System For Builders And Non-Specialist Roofers

Mariseal Detail liquid gives full surface adherence, sometimes without the need for primer, although peel tests should always be undertaken. Even if the one component polyurethane membrane gets damaged, it can be easily repaired locally within minutes using just a single coat. By design Mariseal Detail provides a very cost-effective waterproofing solution. The Mariseal Detail liquid is a modern, low odour, fast curing, easy to use system. This saves the installer time and money.  Mariseal Detail by Maris Polymers1 is a perfect system for the typical builder and non-specialist roofer due to the simplicity of use and the straightforward nature it can be applied. It is a simple small roof waterproofing solution. 

The Mariseal Detail liquid is mainly used to create waterproof seals on small roofs. This includes complex roofing details such as wall-floor connections (upstands), flashings and 90° angles, light domes, roof lights, chimneys, pipes, and gutters. Typical coverage is, 2kg/m2 but this can depend on the substrate and life expectancy of the substrate being coated. Coverage is based on application by roller onto a smooth surface in optimum conditions. Factors like surface porosity, temperature and  application method can alter consumption. 

Mariseal Detail Is A Liquid Aplied System With An Extremely Low Failure Rate

Small domestic flat roofing accounts for a very large percentage of works undertaken in the UK. This can be either new build house extensions or repairing existing failed GRP or felt/single ply roofs. Being a one component polyurethane membrane which is seamless and very elastomeric means with the correct installation the failure rate of liquid roofs in Mariseal Detail is very low.

Key points for the correct installation include thorough preparation following the relevant guidelines. The surface needs to be clean, dry, and sound, free of any contamination, which may harmfully affect the adhesion of the coating. New concrete structures need to dry for at least 28 days. Old coatings, dirt, fats, oils, organic substances, and dust need to be removed by abrasion. Possible surface irregularities need to be smoothened. Any loose surface pieces and grinding dust need to be thoroughly removed. You must ensure that the surface is dry and always carry out an adhesion test.  

This step is crucial to minimise the chances of a liquid roof failing. Seamed roofing systems offer the greatest risk where roof failures are concerned. Mariseal Detail eliminates this risk as it is a seamless one component polyurethane membrane. This makes Mariseal Detail liquid is a perfect product to use on small roof installations. It is easy to use and is very cost effective. 

The Mariseal Detail is mainly used on the following substrates, bitumen felts, GRP, PVC, asphalt, metal, TPO/EPDM (a specialist TPO primer is available if required), concrete, mortar, and cement screed. It is suitable for some aspects of structural waterproofing.

Features Of Mariseal Detail

• Air moisture cured waterproofing liquid 

• Brooft4 fire rated liquid roofing liquid 

• One component polyurethane membrane liquid roofing system 

• Fast curing liquid waterproofing system 

• Anti-root liquid waterproofing system 

• Walkway and balcony liquid waterproofing system 

• GRP flat roofing repair liquid waterproofing system  

• Refurbishment liquid waterproofing system 

• Easy to use liquid roofing system 

• Fast repair liquid roofing system 

• Cold applied liquid waterproofing system 

• Wet room and basement liquid roofing waterproofing system 

• Alternative as a PMMA rapid curing walkway system without the odour 

• BBA accredited liquid waterproofing system (when used in conjunction with Mariseal 250)

Simple Application Of The Mariseal Detail Liquid Is Carried Out As Follows

• Manually or with a slow drill mixer  setting stir slowly and thoroughly with before using.  

• Apply onto the prepared and/or primed surface by a 10cm wide brush or short haired roller until all the surface is covered.  

ATTENTION: Do not apply when the temperature is below +5° C or above 30° C, on frosted surfaces or during rain or mist. 

*Low temperatures retard cure while high temperature speeds up curing. 

The Benefits of Liquid Waterproofing

Liquid waterproofing has some very important benefits when comparing against other roofing systems and solutions. It is suitable for virtually any roof design or function. Be it a green roof, inverted roof,  blue roofs, or anything in between. A key benefit is that Mariseal Detail liquid is installed as cold applied liquid so is completely flame free. This makes it a very safe option for both the specifier, contractor, installer and, in the case of refurbishment, the building occupants. Risk of fire is minimal. 

Also, Mariseal Detail liquid waterproofing has one of the highest fire ratings for roofing liquids available. This means it has been independently tested alongside its main system Mariseal 250 and shown not to promote the spread of fire. This is a vital part of any installed building system which was proven to be a major factor in the tragic Grenfell fire disaster 2 for example. 

Detail liquid waterproofing also provides a completely seamless membrane. It is installed as a continuous coat and has no areas where water access can get under the skin. Systems such as single ply, bitumen felt, and EPDM all tend to fail at the seams. This is an obvious weak point, and every seam is a possible area where water can attack and finally penetrate. These types of roofs with seams are the most common types of roofs for common roof repairs using liquid. 

Regarding sloping surfaces on flat roofs, although liquid waterproofing can withstand standing water, normally this is called ponding, minimum falls of 1:80 should exist so as not to promote water remaining on the roof. This means that the roof would come within current building guidelines in the UK mentioned in BS6229. Falls are even more important if the roof faces north as obviously it receives less sunlight and is therefore more prone to suffer from standing water, which over time encourages organic growth. 

A major advantage of the Mariseal Detail liquid is that it does not slump. This means that faster, easier installation of upstand and detail areas are possible due to the one component polyurethane membrane. The most time consuming part of installing seamed systems like felt and single ply is spent on the detail and upstand areas. These systems were not designed for intricate details and the more difficult the detail using these systems, the greater the risk of failure in these areas.

Mariseal Detail is perfect for situations which requires intricate work as it can simply coat the area providing a seamless membrane, leaving no space for water ingress. Liquid systems once cured form a fully bonded, flexible seamless membrane which allows you to waterproof details which are intricate and give a high quality finish. Mariseal Detail is available in small tins of 6kg. This means that any waste is kept to a minimum, so more money is saved. 

Another positive thing about some cold liquid roofing systems is the lack of strong odour that occurs with many hot liquids or even PMMA . The smell that emanates from some systems can and do make people nauseous and can even provoke asthma attacks and severe respiratory problems. PMMA systems for example are synonymous with having a strong odour, and this can sometimes cause disruption during installation. Installing on occupied buildings can be problematic here. Buildings such as hospitals, social housing, care homes, offices, schools, or prisons may need to shut off air ventilation  systems  before work can commence if PMMA is used. A further disruption that strong smelling liquids like PMMA and heavy solvent laden liquids can cause. Mariseal Detail liquid waterproofing has a low odour compared to many other systems and so makes it more suitable for working in built up areas. Some systems are simply too smelly to be installed in crowded or occupied areas. 

 There are four main reasons that have caused the recent move in favour of liquid roofing waterproofing 

1) The need to reduce risk, in particular flame/heat whilst installing a waterproof membrane. Mariseal detail is a cold liquid applied system. 

2) Any system with seams and laps on roofs has these as weak points – systems with a a seamless membrane do not carry this risk. 

3) Modern building designs using curves and angles means that the ability of liquid to shape perfectly around any shape makes it a perfect unique solution 

4) Skill levels in other parts of the roofing industry are at an all-time low. Traditional high skill level roofing like asphalt for instance now only has a 10% market share. There are simply not enough trained and skilled installers to meet demand.  It is relatively straight forward to be trained in liquid installation, although site training is a preferred option as it gives experience in real situations. Liquid installation training in a ‘module indoor environment’ does not really portray true conditions experienced on a real roof. All training should be ongoing and continuingly assessed.  

Modern advances in polymer chemistry mean that liquids are evolving with the times and are a perfect solution to waterproof modern buildings. And the safety challenges they present. Liquid waterproofing is growing in popularity as a construction solution. 

Key Advantages Of Choosing A Liquid Applied System Over Seamed Systems

• Cold applied so no hot works 

• Seamless and fully bonded 

• UV Stable 

• Allows intricate detail works to be formed on site. Perfect for shaped roofs with curves. 

• Suitable for new build and/or refurb works 

• Lightweight as no heavy rolls to transport 

Need Any Further Information Regarding Mariseal Detail?

If you would like any further information or a quote to supply or install Mariseal Detail please contact us or call us now on 01277 375 511. One of our friendly team of liquid waterproofing specialists will be delighted to help.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mariseal Detail

How long does Mariseal Detail take to cure? 

This depends very much on the temperature. In hot weather it could be fully rain resistant and capable of withstanding light foot traffic within hours. Final curing time is a maximum of 7 days. *Above varies considerably if catalyst is used. 

What colour is Mariseal Detail? 

Simply put dark and light grey. Dark grey RAL 70313 is the most popular UK colour, but a lighter grey RAL 70354 is available. 

Is Mariseal Detail fire resistant? 

Mariseal Detail is part of the Mariseal 250 system which has the highest current fire rating for liquids which is Brooft4. 

Is Mariseal Detail Cold Curing? 

Yes, Mariseal Detail is cold curing. it cures with ground and air moisture. The curing time is typically 2 to 3 hours. Although in extreme weather conditions this can take longer.

Is Mariseal Detail suitable for Green Roofs? 

Yes. Mariseal Detail is root resistant. 

Can Mariseal Detail be applied direct to concrete and screed? 

A suitable primer should always be used. 

Can Mariseal Detail be applied to GRP?

Yes, and often without the need for primer, subject to peel test. It is a perfect solution for domestic GRP repairs. Mariseal Detail is reinforced with thixotropic permanent elastic fiber which is a particularly useful feature for any seamless membrane which overlays a failed GRP roof. The reason for this is a lot of GRP roofs fail due to their rigidity not coping with thermal movement. Mariseal Detail is reinforced with thixotropic permanent elastic fiber which allows it to cope with thermal movement.

Does Mariseal Detail liquid slump?

No Mariseal Detail does not slump. This liquid applied system is reinforced with thixotropic permanent elastic fiber.

Is Mariseal Detail liquid suitable as a walkway and balcony system?

Yes. Quartz or chippings can be added, and a thin topcoat added to increase foot holding.  

Is Mariseal Detail a suitable alternative to PMMA?

Mariseal Detail is a suitable alternative to PMMA. This liquid applied system is comparable with regards to curing time and traffic resistance. The simple addition of catalyst speeds up curing time and the odour is also much less noticeable than PMMA’s, which can be overbearing at times.  

Is Mariseal Detail a simple system to install?

Yes this liquid applied system is easy to install. Typically the installation process for this liquid applied system is as follows: deck preparation, primer (when required) and a generous single coat will be fine. 

Can Mariseal Detail be installed in the wet?

It is never a good idea to install any cold liquid applied system in wet conditions.  

Can Mariseal Detail be applied onto frost or freezing substrate?

It is bad roofing practice to install a cold liquid applied system onto a deck that is frosted or is close to freezing. See data sheet for exact details. 

Is Mariseal 250 suitable for domestic works?

Mariseal Detail is a liquid applied system which is perfect for roofs up to 200 SQM. 

What sizes tins does Mariseal Detail come in?

6Kg so ideal for small projects and domestic roof refurbishment and repair. 

Does Mariseal Detail Stay Flexible And Thermal Movement Resistant?

Yes, Mariseal Detail is reinforced with thixotropic permanent elastic fiber, this allows it to retain it's elasticity for the service life of the waterproofing.

Can Mariseal Detail Be Used On Complex Roofing Details?

Yes, Mariseal Detail is ideal to use on complex roofing details such as upstands, soil vent pipes and around skylights. As Mariseal Detail is a liquid applied system it can waterproof even the most difficult to reach areas.

Is Mariseal Detail Easy To Repair?

Yes, Mariseal Detail is easily repaired locally. Simply clean the affected area. Use an abrasive to remove the failed liquid applied coating. Apply Mariseal Aqua Primer. Apply single coat of Mariseal Detail one component polyurethane membrane.

Get In Touch About Mariseal Detail

If you would like any further information or a quote to supply or install Mariseal Detail please contact us or call us now on 01277 375 511. One of our friendly team of liquid waterproofing specialists will be delighted to help.

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