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Roof Leak Detection and SOS Leak Detection

If you are suffering from a leak in your roof the first thing you need to do is to contain the leak. A comprehensive guide of the steps to take if you have a leaking roof can be found here:

The rest of this blog will look at the various methods which are used in roof leak detection.

The Wet Testing Method

This method of roof leak detection is carried out by spraying water across the surface of the roof. A trace cable is laid around the permitted of the roof. This creates an electrical field. The pulses from this electrical field allow the detection of the earth leakage point within this field.

The thickness of the membrane of the roof being tested has no impact at all on the wet testing process.

The Dry Testing Method

Roof leak detection using the dry testing method is used on flat roofs to identify punctures and pinholes along the roofs surface. A dry test is a far quicker method of leak detection when compared to wet testing. However, it is imperative accurate data is entered into the detector regarding the membrane thickness before leak detection begins.

To conduct a dry, test the surface of the roof being assessed must be completely dry and free of moisture This equipment in this method uses a direct current voltage across the roofs surface and a spark and bleep will be emitted from the testing equipment to identify the leaks location.

Thermal Imaging

A roof leak can also be detected using a thermal imaging survey. As the name suggests this method of leak detection makes use of thermography. The output of this thermal imaging technology is a coloured picture. Wet areas on this survey will be shown in a darker colour. By looking at the thermal imaging output the surveyor can identify discrepancies in the roof’s surface temperature will allow for the pinpointing of a leaks location.

Trace Gas Leak Detection

Roof leak detection using trace gas includes the use of a non-toxic gas which is released beneath the area in which the leak is coming from. This is a perfectly safe method of leak detection and does not cause any damage to the property, environment of any people. When this specialist trace gas is released it floats up into the roof system, the point at which it penetrates through the roof reveals the location of the leak. This method of leak detection has an extremely high success rate.

SOS Leak Detection

If you find yourself in a situation where you need emergency SOS leak detection we will strive to be with you as soon as possible just call us immediately on 01277 375 511 or click on the red “24 Hour Callout” button at the top of our site. We will send you an operative to first contain the leak then to carry out the SOS leak detection survey. At this point we are also equipped to carry out the necessary repair work. In addition to roof leak detection our SOS leak detection service covers balconies, walkways and service decks.

Remember with all leaks it is important to repair the leak as soon as possible. The first stage is to contain the leak. The second is to contact a profession to provide a leak detection survey and the third is to repair the leak. If you believe your home insurance covers you for roof leaks we highly recommend you read the following blog post:

Need Help Detecting the Source of a Leak?

If you are suffering from a leaking flat roof it is vital you act as fast as possible to prevent further damage. Even small leaks can lead to vast amounts of water damage. Leaks only get worse and will not repair themselves. The moment you notice a leak is the point in time which it will be at its cheapest to rectify. If you have a leak call us today on 01277 375 511.

And one of our friendly team will arrange for your leaking flat roof to be assessed as soon as possible.

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