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How Do You Repair A Flat Asphalt Roof?

You repair a flat asphalt roof with the use of a professional asphalt roofing contractor. The reason for this is because mastic asphalt is skilled work and if it is not repaired correctly you will take years of the expected lifespan of your roof.

The asphalt professional will identify the defective area of your roof. If the problem with the flat asphalt roof is because of the mastic asphalt. The defective area will be cut out. This will be done using the ‘hot poultice’ method. The ‘hot poultice’ method is the process where heat is applied to the perimeter of the defective area. This is done to soften the asphalt. Once this is done a cut is made around the perimeter using a hammer and bolster.

Then using a shovel of a pick the asphalt professional will carefully get remove the defective area. Once removed the exposed perimeter is cleaned to create a break joint.  This break joint is 10mm below the top surface edge. Once this is done a piece of sheathing felt is laid. This sheathing felt will be the same size as the area left behind when the asphalt was removed using a pick or a shovel.

Applying New Coats Of Mastic Asphalt

Next, new asphalt is laid with the first coat being 10mm. This layer of asphalt will be finished with 10mm edge joints which will be heated by the asphalt then remade. Depending upon the type of asphalt roof repair, a second coat of asphalt may be required.

Now, a top coat is laid where all the joints will be remade leaving an even surface with the edges showing a ‘fusion joint’ where the new asphalt meets the existing asphalt.  To finish the asphalt will be sand rubbed to absorb the bitumen from the asphalt. Finally, it is recommended in most circumstances to, provide the asphalt flat roof with 2 layers of solar reflective paint. With most repairs the whole roof can be painted with solar reflective paint if it has not had a coat of solar reflective paint recently. If the roof has recently been painted with solar reflective paint it is only necessary to paint over the newly applied asphalt for the roof repair.

Repairing An Asphalt Flat Roof

In summary, you repair an asphalt roof by contracting an asphalt specialist who will likely use the 'hot poultice' method to remove the defective asphalt. Then, the joint will be cleaned and new asphalt applied. Finally the repaired asphalt will be painted with UV solar reflective paint.

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