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5 Reasons to Specify Asphalt for your Next Project

1. Asphalt has a Long Track Record as a Durable Waterproofing Membrane

Asphalt is the ‘King of Waterproofing. It is the most durable and hardwearing membrane available to architects, property owners and specifiers. Asphalt has an unrivalled longevity and can be seen to perform for in excess of 50 years.

It is continuous chosen by English Heritage and The National Trust to waterproof their projects. We have used it at The Tower of London where it is particularly suitable due to the heavy foot traffic it had to endure.

Its ability to withstand heavy use doesn’t stop there. It can also stand up to the demands of heavy use from vehicles. It has been used extensively in both car parks, bridges and all types of structural decks.

One of the more unique benefits of using mastic asphalt is that if it ever does incur damage it is easy to repair. This makes the longevity of projects which specify mastic asphalt very hard to compete with.

2. Mastic Asphalt is Carbon Zero Rated

The asphalting industry was the world’s first to achieve carbon zero status. This means any project using mastic asphalt will get a solution which is completely CO2 Neutral.

3. Environmentally Friendly and Recyclable

Mastic Asphalt is 100% recyclable and at the end of its useful life it can be recycled into asphalt screeds. This combined with its long-life span makes mastic asphalt one of the most environmentally friendly construction materials.

4. Excellent Fire Performance

The high mineral content of mastic asphalt renders it virtually incombustible. Mastic asphalt fulfils all the external fire resistance required for a roof covering and achieves the highest rating (p60) – now (aa) – when tested in accordance with BS.476 part 3:1975. It has also been tested in accordance with draft European standards prEN1187-1 and prEN1187-2. No significant spread of flame was observed and no flame penetration occurred. Mastic asphalt systems also have LPCP accreditation for fire safety.

5. Attractive Decorative Finish

Mastic asphalt is a very decorative finish. Asphalt steps leave the front of any home looking both beautiful and in a traditional style. There are very intricate details involve such as the asphalt collars and double angled fillets.

The same can be said of asphalt roofing when you look at the seamless finish which manages to perfectly mould to even the most complex of details. If you want a traditional finish to your waterproofing which is easy on the eye mastic asphalt really has no competition.

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