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Is Mastic Asphalt Waterproof?

Yes, mastic asphalt is waterproof. In fact, it is such a highly regarded waterproofing membrane it is often referred to as the “The King Of Waterproofing”.

A Proven Waterproofing Membrane For Over 150 Years

Mastic asphalt has been successfully used to waterproof applications for more than 150 years. This phenomenal waterproofing membrane has a carbon zero rating1, the best fire rating of any waterproofing membrane2. And provides a seamless finish. This makes mastic asphalt an extremely popular choice with specifiers.

Mastic asphalt is a traditional construction material and can be seen used extensively throughout iconic European cities like London and Paris. It is comprised of limestone bound together with refined bitumen and asphaltic cement. In modern times mastic asphalt has additional polymers added to increase the performance of this fantastic material.

Asphalt also comes in various grades with roofing grade asphalt and paving grade asphalt. Paving grade asphalt3 is often added to a top coat when extra hardness is needed. The initial coats on most applications is laid in roofing grade asphalt. Although the name suggests roofing grade asphalt is used for asphalt roofing. It can also be found on asphalt steps, flooring and substations.

Mastic asphalt is delivered to a site for application either in block form where it is heated by an asphalt mixer. Or delivered in a hot molten charge transporter.

In summary, mastic asphalt is a phenomenal choice for waterproofing. It combines a proven track record, a long-life expectancy, a carbon zero rating. And a seamless finish. If you would like any more information about mastic asphalt and its waterproofing properties please get in touch. You can do so through this web form or by calling 01277 375 511.

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