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How Do You Mix Asphalt?

You mix mastic asphalt in an asphalt mixer. This mixer turns asphalt blocks into molten asphalt. This asphalt needs to be agitated and heated to 220°. Once it reaches this temperature and is fully agitated it may be laid.

Steps To Take When Heating Mastic Asphalt

1) Take Delivery of Mastic Asphalt Blocks.

2) Use a sledgehammer or club to break asphalt blocks into quarters1.

3) Ensure asphalt mixer has 2 fire extinguishers close by.

4) Place gas which powers the mixer a minimum of 3 meters from the burners.

5) Place broken asphalt blocks in mixer.

6) Agitate the mixer as it heats.

7) Ensure you do not burn the asphalt by keep it flowing.

8) Once the asphalt is fully agitated and reaches a temperature of 220° it may be laid2.

What To Do Once The Asphalt Is At The Correct Temperature And Fully Agitated

Once the asphalt has been fully agitated and reach 220 ° it must be controlled inside the mixer to ensure the consistency remain the same. This is done by continuing the mixing of the asphalt and maintaining the temperature. This is important to ensure the asphalt roof is laid perfectly.

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