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Cut Edge Corrosion Repair

With metal cladding being the leading choice of waterproofing system for industrial roofing, cut edge corrosion repair is often needed. The reason for this is because cut edge corrosion is the achilles heel of metal roof cladding. This problem occurs because of a chemical build up on the exposed metal edges of the roof sheets cut to size to fit the industrial building layout. Below we will go in to more depth on cut edge corrosion repair and how to repair it.

What Is Cut Edge Corrosion?

It is exactly as it sounds; corrosion degrading the metal sheets by breaking down the factory coating added for protection. This coating is added during manufacturing to provide each individual roof sheet a protective layer against the elements. When these roof sheets are cut on site to meet the requirements on the industrial roof, the edges aren’t re-coated. This leaves them exposed. Over time, the edges of the cladding sheets are likely to rust. This can lead to roof leaks and eventually cause industrial cladding to fail. This will eventually lead to roof sheet replacement being required. This problem can easily be prevented with cut edge corrosion treatment. This involves coating the exposed edges which have began to corrode. Cut edge corrosion treatment can be applied to metal guttering as well as metal roof sheets and cladding.

Treating Cut Edge Corrosion

• High pressure spray down of the surface

• Remove of any loose paint and corrosion by hand grinding

• Tape lap joints with butyl tape

• Use sealant to fill any large gaps over 2mm typically.

• Treat Cut Edge Corrosion & Coat Metal Cladding

What Are The Benefits Of Cut Edge Corrosion Repairs?

• Cut edge corrosion repairs treats rust and stops it spreading

• Avoids expensive re-roofing of often large areas saving lots of expense.

• Prolongs the life of your roof

Field-applied coatings are typically re-coated anywhere from ten to twenty five years after installation. But every roof is different. A building's size, location and even its use can all have an effect on how long a coating system will last.

For the minimal cost when repairing a defective metal roof it is a good idea to get regular roof surveys to pinpoint early stage corrosion. Once cut edge corrosion starts it works its way up the roof sheet. Left untreated cut edge corrosion becomes progressively worse. Of the cut edge corrosion treatments available the best are PU liquid waterproofing coating which are thixotropic. For the best results you should go with a coating which is which is BBA approved (1), BroofT4 rated (2) and polyurethane based with a fast cure time.

Need Help With Cut Edge Corrosion Repair?

We hope this blog post has helped you understand more about cut edge corrosion repair. If you would like help fixing the problem you have identified or you want guidance on how you can extend the lifespan of your metal roofing you can contact us on 01277 375 511 or  get in touch via our contact form. One of our friendly team of experts will be delighted to help.