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Can I Put Shingles On A Flat Roof?

No, you should not put shingles on a flat roof. These shingles are rectangles of overlapping felt, the have a tile like appearance 1. The reason for this is roofing shingles are designed for pitched roofs which have a slope greater than 15°. And in locations which are very exposed the slope is recommended to be even greater at a minimum of 30°.

The problem you get with shingles on a flat roof is if the water sits on the roof and wind blows against the grain of the shingles. Water ingress can occur as the water can get underneath the shingles. This problem is even worse if the flat roof meets a pitched roof. What happens here is the cup where the flat goes to a pitch, holds excessive water. This area of the roof is extremely likely to have problems with water ingress 2.

In the UK, small black chippings are also referred to as shingles. These can be often seen on flat roofing projects especially in residential settings. Unlike, the felt shingles mentioned above, these shingles can be used on flat roofs. However, they can be problematic. The biggest problem is heavy rain will push these shingles towards water outlets. This is not uncommon to see on flat roofs covered with shingles. You can see all the shingles congregated in a few areas and bare in others. The problem with this is blockages can quickly develop. Once backing up occurs leaks will become obvious immediately.

Do You Have Any Questions Regarding A Flat Roof With Shingles?

If you would like RJ Evans to provide any information related to flat roofs which have shingles please contact us or call us now on 01277 375 511. One of our friendly roofing specialists will be delighted to help.

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