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Balcony On Flat Roof Conversion

Perhaps you are seeking to create more living space for your property but are trying to decide the best spot to utilise. Well if you have a flat roof, building a balcony is a great option to help you create an enjoyable outdoor area where you can entertain in style.

It’s important to know the implications which come with adding a balcony onto your flat roof area. One thing to consider is the addition weight your flat roof will need to be able to hold. A structural engineer is someone who is well equipped to see whether your building is able to hold this extra weight prior to any work being carried out. In addition to this they can offer expert advice as to what materials are best to use, e.g. patio slabs or decking. By seeking the opinion of an engineer before building your balcony can not only help you avoid any issues developing on your flat roof but also save you money.

The process of converting a flat roof into a terrace area or balcony is easier than you might imagine. It is very important you determine the right materials prior to building, and in particular you will need to use a waterproofing membrane which guarantees a completely watertight area, in order to avoid any leaking or water damage.  

We believe the best material to choose for a flat roof which is going to have a terrace area or balcony is mastic asphalt or liquid waterproofing.

Why Choose Liquid Waterproofing For A Balcony On An Exisiting Flat Roof?

One of the great things about opting for a liquid waterproofing is this methods has a finished water proofing system which is seamless, therefore you are taking away one of the biggest weak spots for leaks to occur in. Seams are extremely vulnerable to rainwater and moisture, and the moment the seam fails to be waterproof any liquid can leak into the balcony’s membrane.   

The success of a balcony installation is dependent upon the skill of the roof contractor, this is particularly true of more complex roofing structures. It takes a high level of skill to use ply and built up felt waterproofing to apply a waterproof finish to complex detailing, e.g. structures which have downpipes, plant apparatus or railings. So a great bonus of choosing a liquid waterproofing installations is it reduces a lot of the risk surrounding the fitting for the contractor. It is however, always advisable to select a contractor who has been approved by the waterproofing company as this will help ensure your balcony fitting is of a high standard.

It’s easy to perform repairs on liquid balconies, with only a patch repair being needed on the area which is problematic. A patch repair works by first using an abrasive on the affected area, then cleaning the substrate. Should any small cracks be found along the substrate they will need to be filled. Next, a primer is applied on the substrate which allows a good bond to form. After this, the initial layer of waterproofing will be applied to the repair area. Lastl,y a second layer of waterproofing is applied to complete the repair.

Liquid waterproofing is a speedy process, and is quicker than felt, PVC and asphalt. It can also be installed in low temperatures and in premises which are occupied.

In addition to this it is one of the safest waterproofing systems to install as it is flame free, and high quality installations are able to provide the Brooft4 endorsement. This endorsement certifies they are designed to reduce the spread of fire.

Why Choose Mastic Asphalt When Converting Your Flat Roof?

Often referred to as ‘The King of Waterproofing’ because of its fantastic waterproofing ability, mastic asphalt flat roof are a great choice of material for your waterproofing system. It is highly popular and can often be spotted on flat roofs and service decks as well as for waterproofing balconies. With a carbon rate of zero it is the most environmentally friendly waterproofing system available.

One of the main reasons for mastic asphalt being such a popular choice for waterproof balconies is the fact it is a cost effective material. Asphalt is a durable and low maintenance material which can be repaired with ease. The asphalt roofer will remove any damaged areas of the asphalt and remake the faulty area. With the proper care and maintenance mastic roofing systems carry a lifetime of up to 50 years.

Another great bonus of waterproofing a balcony using mastic asphalt is it can be tiled over or painted using solar reflective paint which not only looks stylish but offers a protective film to the balcony against the damage UV rays can cause. Unfortunately, balconies which are exposed to high levels of UV rays run the risk of having a low life expectancy, especially those which are southward facing and so receive more sunshine through the course of the day.

Decking or Patio Slabs on a Flat Roof Balcony?

Most people tend to opt for either lightweight patio slabs or timber/ composite decking. Both create stylish and effective balcony and terrace spaces on a flat roof and it really comes down to your own taste.

Should I get a roof garden?

• If you are considering opting for a roof garden important factors to consider include:

• Will your garden area need to have a clear walkway? If so ensure you have investigated support issues prior to any construction work.

• Is your home going to remain waterproof? the best way to ensure this is by installing a membrane to your flat roof.

• Finally, ensure your flat roof garden has enough drainage points to avoid any water pooling and potential leaks occurring.

Need Some Advice On Flat Roof Conversions?

We hope this blog post has helped you learn more about the converting an existing flat roof into a balcony or roof terrace. If you would like any further or a quotation on this type of conversion, you can contact us on 01277 375 511 or get in touch via our contact form. One of our friendly team of experts will be delighted to help. We have extensive expertise both as a balcony waterproofing and  a flat roofing company.