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Asphalt Flat Roof Maintenance

Asphalt flat roof maintenance has remained almost exactly the same over the years. The only real change with asphalt is the introduction of modified asphalt. Both mastic asphalt and modified forms of asphalt have excellent waterproofing properties. This has led to mastic asphalt commonly being referred to as 'The King of Waterproofing'.

When carrying out an inspection on an asphalt flat roof the most easy identifiable problems are blows . Blows are like small mountains on the surface of the asphalt flat roof. This is where moisture has been trapped under the surface and tried to out gas. When these blows crack a point where moisture can penetrate the roofing system is created. If an asphalt roofing contractor identifies any blows which have cracked asphalt roof repair work will need to be conducted.

Impact damage can also be found when conducting an asphalt flat roof maintenance survey. This is normally in the form of a curve or a half moon shape. Unless the damage has actually split the asphalt which is very unlikely no damage will have been done to the integrity of the roof. The damage can be simply fixed with an asphalt roof repair.

Cold shock cracking is an extremely rare thing to find when carrying out an inspection on an asphalt flat roof. This is where an extreme drop in temperature causes an asphalt roof which is not protected by solar reflective paint to crack. If this does happen the indicator would be a single large crack which  most likely will go across the entire roof. If this happens it is no fault of the roofing contractor who installed the roof.

Thankfully this problem is both very easy to identify and to put right. Cold shock cracking is very rare and the probability of it happening to the same roof twice is virtually zero.

Slumping is also a common problem to find when conducting a mastic asphalt roof maintenance survey. This is caused by the heating of the asphalt making it soften and lose its form. This problem can often be seen around flashings and with upstands. The result is a space where water can penetrate. The best way to prevent slumping it to cover the asphalt flat roof with UV solar reflective paint. And to make sure it is regularly re-coated.

Another area in which problems can be found on an asphalt flat roof maintenance survey is around soil vent pipes. These are waterproofed with a mastic asphalt collar at the point where the pipe meets the roof. As time passes these collars can split and become a point where water can penetrate the waterproofing system. The way to prevent this is regular roof surveys and asphalt roof repairs where necessary.

If the asphalt flat roof is on a commercial building oil damage is a common problem picked up on a survey. This is especially true if there is plant machinery or the roof is used as a loading bay. With a loading bay the oil comes from the vehicles whereas with plant machinery it is normally caused by tradesman at work who are unaware that oil damages asphalt.

If you require a asphalt flat roof maintenance inspection or fault tracing and are within 50 miles of our Brentwood, Essex headquarters please get in touch and one of our team will be delighted to help. You can call us on  01277 260 204 or email us We have a wealth of experience and can a comprehensive range of inspections, fault tracing and asphalt roof repairs.

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Asphalt Roofing Maintenance Inspection