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Are Green Roofs Good Value For Money?

Green roofs are good value for money. However, if you are approaching this question from a purely financial viewpoint you may miss the bigger picture when it comes to installing a green roof. Cost wise determining if green roofs offer rapid return on the initial investment is open to a some debate. But green roofs do offer many tangible financial benefits which can be enjoyed from the moment one is installed. For example, they prolong the life of the roof by cutting out the UV light which is often a reason a roof does not fulfil its life expectancy. Green roofs cut out direct damaging UV light reaching the waterproofing area of the roofs surface. To say, the cutting out of UV light would double the life span of any substrate would not be an overstatement.

When analysed from this angle the financial saving can be quite substantial. The savings on energy bills are also quickly seen. Green roofs act as a brilliant insulator, keeping the building cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. This can reduce a building's energy use by 0.8%, even more if an extensive roof is constructed. When this is taken into account of a number of years green roofs can result in a considerable amount being saved on energy bills. This can also add to the value of a property with a green roof. Additionally, a green roof is aesthetically pleasing which can add to the curb appeal of a building. This can often aid in the selling of a property, helping  a better price be achieved.

Commercial green roof installations can help create goodwill. An increasing proportion of the population are environmentally conscious. This means more and more customers will appreciate businesses who make a commitment to reducing carbon emissions.  There is also talk of commercial tax breaks being introduced for companies who have a green roof on their premises. If introduced this could also be the case for homeowners.

On a less selfish note, green roofs create a far better environment to live in. They create oxygen and this improves  the health of humans, animals and plant life in the surrounding area. Green roofs help biodiversity; many creatures like butterflies and bees make homes in green roofs. Green roofs are also easy to maintain, from both a financial and environmental perspective. The overriding consensus is unlike some other ‘home improvements’ green roofs give back much more than they take. They offer tangible financial savings due to how they perform as an insulator. But they offer so much more to the eco system so often damaged by modern construction. In summary, green roofs are good value for money and provide a number of environmental benefits.

If you would like any further information about green roof systems please contact us or call us now on 01277 375 511. One of our friendly team of green roof specialists will be delighted to help.

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