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Mastic Asphalt Substation Roofing


Mastic asphalt substation roofing is the application of mastic asphalt to the roof of electrical substations. This provides a durable and waterproof protective surface. Electrical substations house critical equipment which need to be safeguarded against moisture and environmental elements. This is to ensure the reliable and safe distribution of electricity. Mastic asphalt, is highly regarded for its waterproofing properties and durability. It is applied as a thick, molten layer onto the substation roof structure.

This creates a seamless, durable barrier which protects the substation against water infiltration, corrosion, and damage. Mastic asphalt roofing is particularly suitable for substation environments. This is due to substation often being exposed to extreme weather conditions and environmental hazards. By choosing mastic asphalt as the waterproofing membrane the substation will benefit from long-lasting and reliable protection to the essential electrical infrastructure it houses.


RJ Evans can provide waterproofing solutions to substations. Not only can we provide mastic asphalt waterproofing to the substation roof we can also provide mastic asphalt waterproofing for the whole substation.

Whether you need asphalt waterproofing to a new substation, an existing substation or any repair work, RJ Evans can help.

For any substations you need waterproofing with mastic asphalt, please get in touch with RJ Evans or call us now on 01277 353 851 one of our asphalt specialists will be happy to help.