Resitrix Single Ply Roofing

Resitrix Single Ply Roofing

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Resitrix Single Ply Roof

The flat roof has become the most cost-efficient roof shape in almost all areas of industrial and residential construction. Particularly in the sensitive area of industry, maximum safety in terms of complete fire protection is crucial. This includes the use of materials with a reduced fire load according to the Industrial Building Directive and DIN 18234 for large flat roofs, resistance to flying sparks and resistance to radiating heat, as well as the completely safe installation of the selected roof waterproofing solutions – with no fire on the roof. To ensure our work is of the highest quality, we use the most effective products. RESITRIX Single Ply Roofing is one of the best solutions for all requirements for flat roofs as well as for building waterproofing, guaranteeing the long-term reliability of our projects. We use RESITRIX Single Ply Roofing because we want the best outcome as possible for our clients, and this product makes that happen. By using this product we ensure that your roof is resistant to ozone, UV radiation and infrared radiation, and is also able to permanently withstanding extreme weather conditions, any temperature fluctuations and a high degree of tensilestress.


Resitrix Single Ply Roof


There are many other advantages we gain by using RESITRIX Single Ply Roofing;

  • No additional surface protection; permanently resistant to ozone, UV radiation and infrared radiation
  • Even complex roof shapes and detail situations can be overcome
  • 100% leak-tight welded seam – simple visual inspection
  • Permanently elastic and flexible at low temperatures of down to -40°C
  • Ultimate elongation of more than 500%
  • Sustainable (EPD-certified and DGNB-compliant)


resitrix structure

Resitrix Single Ply Structure


RESITRIX SK W Full Bond is a heat weldable and glass-reinforced, composite rubber membrane with an EPDM core.The underside is fully coated with self-adhesive polymer modified bitumen, with a release film.It can be installed in a variety of applications, either fully exposed, for fully bonded systems, or beneath roof gardens (intensive, extensive or biodiverse greenery).




Resitrix Single Ply Roof

Also, it can be used to create living roof systems of any kind.The top side of the sheet is the EPDM waterproofing layer with the special integral bonding course. It has a textured, non-slip surface, which is extremely elastic.This is why EPDM is particularly well-suited as an exposed roofing material.

A glass fibre reinforcement makes the material even more stable and prevents the possibility of shrinkage. The underside of the membrane is the polymer-modified bitumen. Easy to warm making seam welding simple – and without using a naked flame and on the underside of the sheet is a removable release film, which is important for the self-adhesive bond, preventing the membranes from adhering to the substrate before it’s ready.

Well we hope you enjoyed our review, intrested in using this system on a project your working on ? or if it would be suitable as a repair or overlay system on a property or commercial building?

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