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Flat Roof Maintenance

Flat Roof Maintenance Roof Leak – Blocked Gutters By regularly surveying your roof you can remain vigilant and avoid a major problem, keeping insurance claims to a minimum. Through regular maintenance you can work on a preventative basis to avoid flat roof repair, which will be much more cost effective in the long run. Hire a professional to safely remove dirt, leaves and debris from your roof, gutters and drains on a regular basis. Where possible a leaf blower will be the [...]

Flat Roof Replacement

Do you really need a Flat Roof Replacement? Flat Roof Repairs – GRP Roof – Fibreglass Roof London Essex   Current trends are showing that it appears most people’s flat roofs are not actually quite so bad after all, think twice when you are being told they wont be very long lasting. And that you will soon need a flat roof replacement.   It could be they have failed simply because a small leak has occurred, in fact our assessments prove that almost 97% [...]

GRP Roofing

Use the Ultimate GRP Roofing System – BBA Certified Premium Fibreglass Roofing System Flat Roof Repairs – GRP Roof – Fibreglass Roof London Essex Flat Roof Repairs – GRP Roof – Fibreglass Roof London Essex – Topseal All High Definition GRP Roofing Systems (also known as fibreglass roofing systems) are installed exclusively only by a small number of fully trained Flat Roofing Specialist Companies who are carefully vetted before being approved installers of High Defenition Roofing Systems. Flat Roof Repairs – GRP Roof [...]

Roof Leak – Top 10 Most Common Reasons

Roof Leak – Most Common 10 Reasons Roof Leak – Ceiling Water Stains   Roof leaks can cause significant damage to a home if the underlying cause isn’t discovered and repaired promptly. Since water can travel outward from the point where a leak occurs, it may be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. Check your roof for some of the most common causes of leaks to stop an existing leak or to prevent future problems. Roof Damage – Aged Roof     Age Roofing materials deteriorate with [...]